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Database applications development projects and integration of these applications into information systems is the focus of LEAVES company's business.

It is the integration part that is the most complex phase of projects of this type, as applications developed are expected to be run on specific computers within a specific network, should be understood by specific people and take account of the business practices of a specific enterprise.

What applications do we develop?

The company's activities are primarily focused on the development of systems for large and medium-sized enterprises operating in Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Utilities and E-commerce vertical industries. Typically, systems are developed based on solutions implemented, models and prototypes rather than "from scratch".

The kernel of out systems is the DBMS Oracle Server. Applications created by our company can function (and be supported) on any hardware and software platform, work with any volumes of data and meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.
To reduce risks, particularly in systems utilizing new technologies, we develop "pilot" projects that allow to quickly develop functional prototypes of the information system being designed.

Phases and Deliverables
From an organisational point of view, development of an application is broken into standard phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Support. In each case, we, together with the Client, use the full list of possible phases and deliverables to select those that are most appropriate to the needs of the specific project.

Division of all project activities into phases facilitates project management and primarily depends on project implementation methods adopted by the company.

LEAVES Company uses its own methods based on Oracle CDM and other methods and standards that provide flexibility in changing the number of phases and composition of activities within each phase in accordance with specific characteristics of the project and Client's requirements.

For example, initial development conditions may have a serious impact on the preparation of a work plan:
  • A totally new information system is to be developed;
  • A URS study of the Client's organisation has already been conducted, and a model of his activities is available;
  • The Client has an information system that can be used as an initial prototype or must be integrated with the information system being developed;

Software Tools and Technologies
Combined use of the CASE-tool Oracle Designer, software development tools Oracle Developer and database server Oracle8i Server can significantly increase the speed of the development process and improve the quality of the final solution.

Software tools used by LEAVES company are mainly based on technologies developed by Oracle Corp. and should ensure efficient implementation of medium-sized and large information system development projects.

In addition to software developed by leading software suppliers, LEAVES uses in-house tools. Some of these tools are complete and commercially available software solutions.

Standards and Methods
High quality of projects is achieved by using international standards and methods for the development of information systems, particularly methods customized to software tools and technologies utilized by the company.

The use of standards allows to achieve sustainable results based on global experience of a wide range of experts and IT companies. In addition to the guaranteed high quality of projects and solutions, the use of standards ensures a certain degree of "transparency" of the company's activities - the Client always knows WHAT, HOW, WHY and WHEN is to be done on a specific project.

Methods used determine the level of performance and allows to achieve results in the shortest time at minimum cost. Normally, standards do not provide an answer to questions such as "HOW should things be done" but rather define WHAT needs to be done and what are the targets. A bridge from theory to practice is provided by METHODS that seek to meet standards, while at the same time taking account of the specific situation on the software market.

The performance of selected methods is greatly dependent on software products used that are, in fact, a direct instrument for the development of a complete solution. Software tools used by LEAVES company are mainly based on technologies developed by Oracle Corp. and should ensure efficient implementation of medium-sized and large information system development projects.

Main page -> Technologies

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