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Standards and Methods

Development Methods

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

The Business Process Improvement methodology covers the entire range of activities to improve performance of the enterprise from gradual modernization to full reengineering of the whole structure. The purpose of this methodology is to transform the enterprise so as to ensure it meets the requirements of the information age and management philosophy from the point of view of business processes.

This methodology is a very broad category, and all other methods used work "within" this concept.

Oracle Custom Development Method

Information systems development. The Oracle Custom Development Method (CDM) is Oracle's full life-cycle method for delivering custom computer application solutions. This method includes 11 processes that cover the full life-cycle of the development of an information system from Requirements Analysis to System Support.

LEAVES company uses this method as the main approach to the development of information systems. The method is designed for use with Oracle software products and includes a set of standards and guidelines for the use of products such as Oracle Designer, Developer and other tools.

Oracle Project Development Method

This method is designed for IT Project Management. The purpose of this method is to provide a framework for planning, assessment, management and control of projects of any type. This method is closely integrated with Oracle CDM.

LEAVES uses PJM as the basis for managing all projects undertaken by the company.


SPICE - Software Process Assessment (ISO/IEC 15504)

Assessment of software development processes. This standard is designed for processes associated with software development.

The standard sets out recommendations for process rating and presentation of assessment results, i.e. enables "measurement" of their quality using, among other things, various process attributes. Based on the results of the assessment, recommendations for improvements are made.

LEAVES company uses the SPICE standard for improving its internal processes and assessment of external projects and solutions.

Software Life Circle Processes (ISO/IEC 12207)

Life-cycle processes related to software development. This standard describes the structure of the software life-cycle - procurement, supply, development, operation and support. In addition, it describes the management and control structure, as well as procedures for improving activities involved in this process.

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Project Management. This document was prepared by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 1996 and describes the body of knowledge related to project management as a professional discipline.

The information provided in the book is applicable to most projects, which does not mean, however, that those recommendations should always be used by everybody without any modifications; in each specific case, the project group decides what and how will be used.

Main page -> Technologies -> Standards and Methods

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