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New technologies and custom solutions

Skillful use of basic Oracle mechanisms and technologies enables to maximize "gain" from the system without additional costs.

Integration and Interface Tuning

The complexity of tasks associated with ensuring joint operation of hardware and software developed by different suppliers, even though formally compatible, is a well-know fact.
LEAVES company offers not only an overall analysis of compatibility issues and an optimal choice from the wide range of products supplied by Oracle, Microsoft, Platinum and others, but also specific settings taking account of specific features of software products. The solutions offered cover both "horizontal" (e.g., Oracle Server - MS SQL Server) and "vertical" (e.g. development tools - DBMS - operating system - hardware platform).


Information systems are rarely created "from scratch". Maximizing the use of the existing data, applications, software and hardware is quite difficult but this can significantly reduce the implementation costs.
Analyzing the appropriateness of such use, selecting or creating a migration technology and testing the results delivered - this is one the areas of expertise of LEAVES company. High quality solutions are developed by using a wide variety of techniques and software products and involving external experts.

Testing and Modeling

When creating complex systems or systems for which strict performance and reliability requirements are specified, an effective way to avoid major problems is developing a prototype of the system.
A system model is used to analyze performance and reliability features, such as response or recovery time, to train service personnel, or to explore new capabilities of software tools. LEAVES company uses software tools to aid the testing process, including tools developed in-house.

Pilot Projects and Prototypes

The main purpose of the "pilot" projects and prototypes is to demonstrate new capabilities or technology. For some systems, e.g. Data Warehouses, the standard development cycle includes creation of prototypes. Projects of this type are normally implemented within 2-3 months timeframe.
During the implementation of such projects, well-defined organisation and high level of software technology are of paramount importance. Methods used by the company enable practically 100% utilization of results achieved in the pilot project during the development of a production system.

Internet/Intranet Technology

In many cases, the use of Internet/Intranet technology instead of the Client/Server architecture is not just a fashionable move but rather an economically sound decision.
The use of new, dynamic technology and software products, such as Java, Oracle8i Server, Oracle Application Server, new functionality of Oracle Designer ? Developer, Microsoft technologies, etc. allows LEAVES to create database applications demonstrating high performance in the Internet environment.

Data Warehousing and Analysis

The development of data warehousing and analysis systems is radically different from that of "common" systems designed to process transactions and generate reports. In the former case, different methods for organisation and management of the development process, hardware and software tools, design methods and mechanisms to ensure performance and reliability are used.
LEAVES company uses tools and technology best suited to the requirements of each specific project, e.g. capabilities provided by Oracle8i Server or software products from the Oracle Data Mart Suite.

Main page -> Services -> New technologies

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