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Quality assurance

To make a decision, one should clearly understand what needs to be done, what can be done and what result can be expected. Quality Assurance answers these and many other questions.

Analysis of the system's bottlenecks

In many cases, even though no obvious problems exist, there is a lot of room for improving the system's characteristics and customizing it to specific tasks.
An analysis of the system may reveal the existing "bottlenecks", as well as focus, approximate timings and costs of remedial action required. In addition, LEAVES technology often enables a reasonably accurate assessment and quantification of the expected benefits of improvements.
The company uses various methods and software tools. For instance, to analyze performance of systems with Oracle database, the Holistic Problem Isolation Method is used that requires a combined analysis to be carried out for each subsystem, i.e. database server, operating system and database application (see also "Database Server Performance Tuning").

Processes Analysis and Quality Assurance

In the IT sector, various processes ranging from software development to operational system support, play a key role.
The purpose of process optimization is to create conditions that would rule out the possibility of a low quality result.
Based on its own experience and international standards, e.g. Software Process Assessment (SPICE) (ISO/IEC 15504), LEAVES company provides practical advice on the current status, possibility and ways for improving processes across all levels. One of the potential outcomes of the quality assurance is prevention of problems before they arise, as there is a great risk that poorly organized work may lead to a bad result.

Analysis and Quality Assurance of build Options

A critical phase in creating an information system is making a decision on the build option. Mistakes made during this phase are the most frequent cause of information system projects' failures.
The complexity of choice is the result of a large number of available options which, in turn, depend on a variety of factors ranging from purely technical issues to cost or even "political" considerations.
Drawing on its experience and a pool of both "systems-level" professionals and specific industry expertise, LEAVES company is able not only to assess alternative options and substantiate conclusions made, but also, in certain situations, offer options leading to further improvements.

Implementation Analysis and Quality Assurance

In some cases, system development or decision-making processes can not be possibly influenced, as the system has been already developed and put in production. Sometimes, the system's performance may be poor, but frequently there still is some room for improvements. That being the case, the specific technical implementation is analyzed, a decision is made as to whether the entire system or part thereof can be improved in principle, and what benefits can be achieved.
LEAVES Company can perform this type of analysis and develop recommendations for improvements related to almost all components of the system from the database structure to server tuning to assessment of the quality of the system's code.

Main page -> Services -> Quality assurance

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