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Technical support center

The Technical Support Center concentrates on specific technical problems that may be associated with software products developed by Oracle and other software suppliers.

LEAVES company provides a standard level of Oracle support and extended support services based on significant experience gained by the company in finding solutions to specific problems encountered by the clients that operate different systems, software and hardware platforms and have different levels of technical expertise.

The key factors that determine the quality of technical support services provided by LEAVES are as follows:
  • high level of organisation and computerization of interaction with Clients
  • access to a wealth of specialist information sources, including sources outside the public domain availability of a large number of standard solutions and in-house "know-how"
  • highly skilled professional staff
  • use of a wide range of products developed by Oracle and other software suppliers and the ability to address the most complex related to interfaces between different software products

Standard Level of Oracle Technical Support

  • 24-hour support service (24x7) on issues related to the installation and operation of Oracle software products.
  • Access to the technical support web-server OracleMetaLink, a repository of various technical information on Oracle products.
  • Availability of updates of supported Oracle products released to ensure compatibility with new versions of operating systems.

LEAVES Extended Technical Support Services

  • Standard-level technical support of Oracle products.
  • Advice on the use of software supplied by other companies (Microsoft, Borland, Intersolv, etc.) by phone
  • Advice on issues related to the integration of different software products by phone
  • Provision of updated summary information on supported products
  • Extended access to the Technical Support Information System
  • Onsite quarterly visits of LEAVES staff to Clients to provide additional advice Availability of upgrades of supported Oracle products that provide new functionality.

Technical Support Availability

Phone: +7 812 449 7383 (9:30 - 19:00, business days)
Fax: +7 812 567 5078

Scope of Technical Support

  • Replies to specific technical queries related to the use of software products.
  • Solving problems arising from specific software bugs.
  • Provision of information on new versions of specific software products .
The scope of technical support does not include issues that require visits to the Client's organisation, additional studies, development of technical solutions or search for specific information. The above issues should be referred to the Technical Consultancy.

Technical Support Logistics

Provision of access to Technical Support services requires an agreement with Oracle Corp. office of the appropriate level or a Technical Support Service agreement with LEAVES company.

Following such agreement:
  • The Client will communicate the names of appointed persons (1-3) who will be authorized to seek support from Technical Support Center, together with their contact details.
  • LEAVES will provide all technical information required to get access to the Technical Support Information System (addresses, usernames, passwords, etc.) and appoint a specific technical expert who will be responsible for providing support services to the Client.

Technical Support Contact Details

  • All queries addressed by phone or e-mail will be answered and registered by an operator or expert to whom your query was addressed.
  • If you choose to contact the Technical Support Center by phone, please report the name of your organisation, your name, the name of the Technical Support expert and the subject (summary) of your query.
  • You will receive a response to your query within 2 days (max.). Where the issue in question is complex and may require more time to be adequately addressed, we will advise you of our actions within 2 days.
  • Where the issue is of paramount importance, there time constraints or other critical requirements, please advise us accordingly.
  • The issue will be seen as adequately addressed ONLY after we receive from you confirmation to this effect, or your opinion with respect to the proposed solution (satisfied, not satisfied, partly satisfied).

Main page -> Services -> Technical support

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