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Services and consultancy

LEAVES company can offer solutions for any level from strategic planning and assessment of ROI efficiencies delivered as a result of the implementation of the new information system to the development of Customized-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products or client-tailored applications to advice on isolated technical issues.

Information System Design and Development
A full range of solutions for building information systems including planning, requirements analysis, design, development, implementation and technical support. This also include a detailed analysis of all issues that may have an impact on quality, e.g. planning the system's capacity, performance and reliability, staff training, support planning.

The above approach is based on Oracle CDM method ? relevant technologies that are customized for each project taking account of its nature and the specific needs of the Client.

Oracle Core Technologies
Installation, performance tuning, migration, advice and other activities related to well-known and relatively long-lasting and sustainable Oracle products and solutions such as Oracle Server, Developer, Designer, Oracle network components, Oracle Enterprise Manager and various options of Oracle Server.

LEAVES company undertakes tasks related to the development of a reliable, secure, efficient and stable kernel of an information system based on Oracle technologies.

New Technologies and Custom Solutions
Custom solutions; solutions that require modeling in LEAVES laboratory or complex analysis; new technologies, development of dedicated software systems, issues related to migration or embedding of different products and technologies, Oracle and operating system performance tuning and many other issues that require special skills.
These solutions are usually associated with high risks - and LEAVES bear most of them.

Quality Assurance of Projects and Solutions
Quality assurance at all levels from setting up processes of project management, system design and development to assessment of the system's code efficiency. At the early stages of the project, it allows to prevent possible problems. Deeper into the project, it may help identify, for example, a negative cost/benefit ratio. An important and constructive deliverable of the quality assurance is recommendations to remedy the situation.

During the quality assurance process, a number of international and industrial standards are used, LEAVES own know-how, alternative solutions modeling and other methods and techniques.

Technical Support for Oracle Users
LEAVES Certified Technical Support Center focuses on specific technical issues that may arise during the operation of the full range of Oracle software and software products developed by other companies.

Includes both standard service ("bronze" level of technical support of Oracle products) and an extended technical support service.

Sales of Oracle Products
Sales of various Oracle products, consulting on products prices and customer support.

Technical advice and software cost optimization taking account of the Client's current and future needs.

Main page -> Services

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